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3 types of spousal support you should know about

If you are contemplating divorce in Florida, it is important for you to consider all possibilities to plan for a better outcome. One issue that you may encounter if you are the higher earning spouse is alimony. On the surface, it involves the lower-earning or nonworking spouse to receive financial support from the other. Upon deeper inspection, you may soon find out there are different levels of alimony that can have a significant impact on your finances. 

You need to understand that alimony does not include support for the kids; that is what child support is for. Because there are many factors that go into determining the amount and duration of spousal support, consider the following types of alimony you may have to provide. 

Helping you develop a criminal defense strategy

No matter the severity of a criminal charge, being accused of a crime is a serious and nerve-wrecking situation. It can also be a shocking situation if you have found yourself in an unfortunate circumstance of being accused of something that you did not do. No matter the details of the crime or the evidence used against you, all defendants are afforded the right to assert a criminal defense.

The shock of the situation can make it difficult to act immediately. It might be challenging to view this time as a time of opportunities, such as asserting your innocence and initiating a legal defense. At Cruz & Bano, P.A., our legal team understands the complexity of criminal charges. We are dedicated to helping individuals in the Orlando area strategize strong legal defenses.

What are the child custody rights of disabled parents?

Raising a child with special needs can be challenging and taxing on parents, but what about parents with disabilities raising children? While those living with physical, behavioral, emotional and mental disabilities have the capability to have children and raise them like any other parent would and could. However, in most cases one parent has a disability while the other does not. This makes for an easier environment for both the parents and child. But what happens when these parents divorce?

What are the rights of a disabled parent when it comes to child custody? The simple answer to this is that it depends on the type of disability and the severity of the disability. Courts will always look at the best interests of the child. While this might mean maintaining the relationship with both parents, it might develop a more accommodating custody arrangement to ensure the basic needs of the child are met while also providing an environment that promotes emotional and mental wellbeing.

Florida mom faces child abuse charges following drug charges

Facing criminal charges is never easy, especially when they impact the accused's family members. While drug charges are treated seriously, when these charges are combined with other criminal allegations, a defendant is likely to endure serious penalties that impact his or her personal and professional reputation and rights. Additionally, if authorities believe that these criminal allegations have impacted the defendant's child, he or she could lose access to their child as well.

This is what recently occurred when a mother of a 22-month old daughter was charged with drug and firearm crimes. According to reports, the 25-year-old mom was charged with being a drug dealer in illegal possession of firearms following months of police surveillance of her and her husband's home. However, additionally charges were added after the woman's toddler was brought into the intensive care unit at the children's hospital in Orlando.

Protecting you assets without a prenup

Getting married is a joyous eventful time. It is also a time where major decisions are made. Many of these decisions are exciting, such as buying a home, planning a wedding and planning for the future. But when it comes down to the details of the matter, couples can avoid thinking about their personal assets and how they could be impacted by marriage and divorce. While more and more couples use prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to protect assets in case their union ends in divorce, this is a very unromantic and overwhelming conversation to have.

Thus, many forego the prenup because of the problems it has or could pose. But one should note that there are ways to protect your personal assets and property during dissolution without a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. While drafting a prenup sounds like a couple is just preparing for divorce, this is not really the case for most couples.

Seeing child support during the divorce process

When couples in Florida and elsewhere decide to start a family, they think about the joy this will bring them. The costs associated with raising a child do not begin to sink in until later. And it certainly sinks in when parents decide to part ways. Determining how to care for a child financially post-divorce can be a difficult decision to make. When a parent requests child support, this could initiate a dispute. However, this is an important family law issue to sort through in the divorce process.

Fights about money are never easy. They tend to be emotional and could be fueled with spite and anger. Nonetheless, it is a decision that revolves around the child and thereby should focus on the needs and best interests of the child. The attorneys at Cruz & Bano, P.A., understand that family law issues can be complex and emotional; thus, we are dedicated to helping divorcing parents in the Orlando area navigate this issue.

Why you should fight a Florida traffic ticket

Perhaps you have read what to do when a Florida police officer pulls you over and how to try to get out of a ticket, but what next? What should you do once the officer hands you the ticket? You only have two options to choose from: take the punishment or fight it.

The answer is more obvious when serious charges, such as reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident, are on the table. However, the decision becomes more difficult when you were simply speeding or ran a stop sign. In these cases, the easier thing to do may be to face the fine or go to driver improvement school, but it may not be the best thing.

What is a plea negotiation?

Facing criminal allegations is more than enduring the possibility of penalties. It is also the process that the accused must go through, dealing with the possibility that their best criminal defense strategy is not one that could clear his or her name, but rather one that could reduce the consequences involved. Although it is ideal to assert a strong defense in order to have the charges dismissed or obtain a not guilty verdict, it can sometimes be more advantageous for a defendant to make a plea.

What is a plea negotiation? A plea negotiation, which is also referred to as a plea bargain, can be used at three different points in the criminal defense process. Depending on the details of the case and the end goal of the defendant, plea negotiation might be used at multiple times.

Putting children first when developing a child custody plan

It is often inevitable. When couple sin Florida and elsewhere decide to get a divorce, disputes likely ensue. While some of these might be simple or pointless, fueled by the emotions of the process, others can be very serious and drawn out. For divorcing parents, this often means asserting their point of view so a beneficial child custody arrangement can result. But whom should a custody arrangement benefit?

It can be difficult to put aside your needs and desires, especially when it comes to the divorce process. Dissolution tends to turn our lives upside down, causing a post-divorce life to look nothing like it did during marriage. Because of that, parents tend to focus on their needs when they assert the child custody plan they want. However, when it comes to custody or any divorce decision that impacts a child, it is important to put them first.

Different ways to enter into a prenuptial agreement

Deciding to divorce is anything but pleasant. It is also a time where it can be difficult to navigate the complexities of a couple's life, making it challenging to come to an agreement on who gets what. Because it is well known that divorce can spark disputes and lengthy decision-makings, many couples decide to enter into a prenuptial agreement as a means to address these issues if they decide to divorce following their union.

No one knows what it will be like to divorce, but many can predict what issue will be involved in the dissolution process. Thus, a prenup could outline basic needs and decisions related to most divorces as well as those that are significant to their relationship specifically. Whether you are easily able to enter the prenup drafting process or not, it is important to understand the different ways you could go about drafting a prenuptial agreement.

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