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Corrections officer faces drug charges

Law enforcement in Orlando keeps a close eye on potential legal violations with drugs. This can occur as part of an investigation into high-level sales and low-level drug possession and use. It runs the gamut in the types of drugs that can lead to an arrest. This includes legal prescription medications, drugs that are not considered that serious like marijuana, and all the way to cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Regardless of the alleged drug crimes, those who are placed under arrest must make certain to understand what they are facing and take steps to formulate a strong defense.

A corrections officer in Lake County was arrested and has been charged with purchasing marijuana. The arrest was made after the man's vehicle was stopped at approximately 8:30 p.m. The officers who made the stop received a tip that the man was purchasing the drug. When they checked his vehicle, they found that he had a jar with what they believed was marijuana. They did a test and found that it was marijuana. The man, a corrections officer for more than a decade, was charged with buying the drug. He has been suspended from work with the pending loss of his job.

What are amounts and penalties for cannabis drug trafficking?

The laws regarding marijuana use and possession are in flux throughout the U.S., but there are still laws against drug trafficking with it. Legally referred to as cannabis, Florida has certain laws and penalties linked to those laws for its sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery, or bringing it into the state. For those who are charged with these violations, it is essential to understand the law, the potentially serious consequences, and how to form a defense after the arrest. The amount is one of the key factors in such a case.

If the amount exceeds 25 pounds of cannabis or 300 or more cannabis plants, it will be a first-degree felony. This will be referred to as trafficking in cannabis. For those who are charged with bringing an excess of 25 pounds but less than 2,000 pounds into the state, or more than 300 plants but not more than 2,000 plants, a conviction will result in a minimum of three years in jail and a fine of $25,000.

Permanent alimony is still a legal option in Florida

If you are considering divorce, the subject of permanent alimony may be on your mind. If you have been a Florida resident for a while, you have probably been keeping up with the various attempts by lawmakers to replace this statute.

Permanent alimony is one of several choices a judge can review before making a decision regarding payment from one party to the other in a particular divorce case. Currently, the bill for reform has died in the Florida legislature; therefore, this type of alimony is still an option for the court to consider.

Retired MLB player pursued for delinquent child support

In Florida, whether a parent is involved in a child's life or not, there are still legal requirements for the child's financial needs that must be met. If it is a person is ordered to pay to support the child and does not do so, there can be a charge of failure to pay child support and a whole host of problems. Of course, it is preferable that a parent pay child support willingly, but unfortunately, that does not always happen. Custodial parents who are pursuing a supporting parent for payment should make certain that they understand the steps they need to take with help from a qualified attorney.

A former pitcher for the Miami Marlins and other teams in Major League Baseball was being pursued by process servers in Florida for debts he owes. Livan Hernandez, 42, was back in town to throw out a ceremonial first pitch for the Marlins, but quickly fled to avoid being served. Mr. Hernandez is alleged to have fathered a daughter in 2003. He was sued for paternity by the child's mother and never appeared in court. As a result, a judge decided that Mr. Hernandez owes the woman more than $1,300 in monthly child support and $10,000 retroactively. According to her, he has yet to pay anything.

Man faces assault charges after brandishing gun in road incident

Not all Florida arrests are obvious with a person committing illegal acts and getting caught during the course of them. There are times when circumstances arise and a person who would normally not have any contact with the police in a criminal case are in the middle of one and find themselves placed under arrest. One such circumstance is if there is a road rage incident. People can lose their tempers on the road and make mistakes that result in legal trouble. In these cases, a sound plan for a criminal defense is essential to achieving a positive outcome.

A 42-year-old man was placed under arrest in the early afternoon after he was alleged to have brandished a handgun during a road confrontation with another driver. The accident happened at around 1 p.m. when the man and the other driver were stopped and began arguing. The man who was arrested had a gun. A witness reported that the gun had been aimed at the other driver's face. After his arrest, the man said that he threatened to shoot the other driver's tire. He was charged with aggravated assault.

Oversharing on social media can turn into self-incrimination

The International Association of Chiefs of Police reports that many law enforcement agencies are using social media to notify people of safety concerns. The organization surveyed over 500 agencies in 2016 to see how law enforcement was using social media. It also found that 76 percent of those agencies used social media to seek tips on crime and 70 percent used social media platforms as intelligence gathering for investigations. 

Information police get from social media

Legal assistance with an Orlando child custody matter

Few things can cause more disputes and disagreements than a child custody dispute. Parents who are no longer together as a couple will frequently do battle over visitation rights, who will be the custodial parent, which holidays the child will spend with what parent and more. In a perfect world, the best interests of the child will be the focus of everyone involved. Unfortunately, other issues tend to get in the way and it can get personal, contentious and acrimonious. With all that in mind, legal help is paramount in any child custody case.

In Florida, there is no automatic assumption that one parent will be granted custody over the other. In fact, the words "child custody" are not even used any longer. It is now preferred to be called "sharing." Parents who are parting ways and deciding on the child's living status can negotiate their own agreement or have the courts decide. If the parents are on friendly terms and can be cordial, then it might be worthwhile to try to come to an agreement on their own. The court can sift through issues that are holding up the process or deal with a couple that is fighting over the custody matter.

5 ground rules to make co-parenting work

In today’s world, it is more common for parents to look for ways to successfully co-parent after a divorce. With co-parenting, the focus is on parents sharing responsibilities equally rather than distinguishing a custodial and non-custodial parent. Despite any animosity you face with your ex, co-parenting involves putting your differences aside and focusing on what is right for your children.

The following tips can help you and your spouse keep co-parenting neutral and successful as your entire family adjusts to a new system.

Man arrested over drug offenses from the 1980s

For certain alleged drug offenses, law enforcement will continue its pursuit for many years. This is particularly true for those who are considered major suppliers of narcotics. When there is an arrest for drug crimes, there can be serious consequences for a conviction. For those who are accused of being involved with drugs at any level whether it is as a distributor, a dealer or a purchaser, having a legal defense is imperative. One major case from more than 25 years ago has come up again with the arrest of a man who was said to have been involved and fled prior to indictment.

In 1991, members of a group that was referred to as the "Cocaine Cowboys" in Florida were about to be indicted for drug offenses. The group used speedboats to bring cocaine into the U.S. in the 1980s. One man who is accused as having been part of the group disappeared right before he was indicted. Two cohorts, including his brother, were indicted at the time. To the surprise of law enforcement, the one man who escaped indictment by fleeing was found living in a modest home in Florida. The man, 55, lived with his wife under assumed names.

Enforcement for delinquent child support payments

When there is an order for a parent to pay child support in Florida, it must be adhered to. Unfortunately, some parents do not make the payments when they are supposed to or fail to pay the full amount. Delinquent payments for child support is serious. The idea behind child support is to serve the best interests of the child. This is compromised when it is not done. When there is a failure to pay child support, the state will take certain actions to compel the parent to pay or to collect what is owed in other ways.

It is possible for there to be a suspension of certain licenses and documents. A driver's license, a professional license, vehicle registrations, passports, and hunting and fishing licenses can be suspended until the child support is paid. Another tactic that can be used is to intercept money that the supporting parent is owed from other sources. Insurance settlements, a tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service, property that has been liquidated and was unclaimed, lottery winning, workers' compensation and more can be taken.

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