How To Determine A Child Custody Arrangement That Works

Disputes involving child custody and visitation are unlike any other. You are talking about the time you get to spend with your children. You are settling the issue of whether you get to make important decisions about their health, education or religion.

At Cruz & Bano, P.A., we understand what is at stake for you. We also appreciate the intense emotions you may have when discussing or negotiating the terms of an agreement. They are not easy decisions to make, but with the right guidance, you can walk away with a good plan for the future.

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What Should You Consider In Your Parenting Plan?

Under Florida family law, there is no presumption that one parent is the better choice and should be granted sole custody. Judges no longer even use the term "child custody," discussing parenting responsibilities and time-sharing instead. You can negotiate a plan or let the court decide.

While you could have an every-other-week arrangement, you want to ask yourself, "Will this plan work in real life?" You need to consider many things to answer this question effectively, such as:

  • Where you and the other parent live
  • Weekends and summer vacations
  • Exchanges — when, where and how
  • Feasibility and cost of transportation
  • Work schedules
  • School and educational needs such as tutoring
  • Which parent will be in charge of daily chores or homework
  • Sports or extracurricular activities
  • Holidays, religion and family traditions
  • Birthdays and the overall age of the child
  • After-school jobs or driving for older children
  • Day care and health concerns
  • How discipline should be handled
  • Handling potential emergency situations

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